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up. ultra-poor program

to enable families to graduate out of ultra-poverty


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Jharkhand Impoverishment Challenge

the challenge

Jharkhand is India’s second most impoverished state, home to more than 500,000 households living in ultra-poverty. The challenges of these families go beyond ensuring 2 meals a day. Not only are they food insecure but also not have productive assets like land or livestock. They are socially excluded, financially excluded, do not have access to predictable labour and income, nor are they able to access health, government or community support programs

theory of change

Sequenced and multifaceted interventions offered through our program enable families to come out of ultra-poverty sustainably in a defined time period, while ensuring that the didis are neither socially nor financially excluded at the end of the program. The program puts regular handholding at the center of its success. The ultra-poor are highly food insecure and so the program first provides 'breathing space' by ensuring food security and then offers a 'big push' - a substantial investment to kickstart livelihood activities. These two followed by intense handholding gradually pulls the family out of ultra-poverty.

selection and targeting

Selection of poorest households through community participation (tools such as ‘Participatory Wealth Ranking Tool (PWR)’ and ‘Poverty Assessment Tool Survey (PAT)’)

social and financial inclusion

Formation of women based SHGs (Self Help Groups) help in social empowerment as well as help them to  initiate savings along with access to credit

consumption support

Provision of consumption allowance during lean period to ensure families have breathing space to not make distress decisions or migrate and instead participate in skill building

livelihood planning

Creation of diversified, profitable and sustainable livelihood plans for each household depending on market opportunity, existing skill sets, interest area and cultural context

asset transfer and training

Provision of grant to each didi (our beneficiary and program participant) as a big push to create assets and livelihood activities along with training on technical skills


Ongoing skill development, coaching and hand holding support, at the ration of 1 field staff to 50 didis, to help didis succeed in their micro-enterprises and beat the poverty trap

reach and impact so far








deprived individuals

Asha Didi Jharkhand Ultra Poor Program

“We survived on INR 300 a week by selling wood from the forest. My kids were hungry everyday. Now I run my own shop and have started rearing goats. There is hope now.”

- Asha Didi, Simardih, Jharkhand
Jagpati Didi - ultra poor program

“We used to take loans and migrate every year to brick kilns to repay it. We never had stable income and our land was unused. Now I have grown beans in my own farm and I can earn on my own. I don't want to migrate anymore”

- Jagpati Didi, Niche Kocha, Jharkhand

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