June 15, 2021

Implementing learnings from last year

Arup Mahato, Team Lead, Community Management at The/Nudge Centre for Rural Development, discusses his experiences from 2020 and how it is has helped in the purchase of inputs for Kharif 2021.

“Learning from the previous Kharif (2020), this year, we have planned to purchase recommended inputs for Kharif cultivation (2021) collectively.”

“We also learned of vendors selling duplicates instead of the recommended items and to avoid this situation, the CDOs will check the items and they will be tested before purchase begins.”

“One of the vendors has completed this test and three more are to be done. For input purchases, the steps are mobilization and coordination with PPS, readying the funds, vendors appointment and travel arrangements.”

All things are good today. The next purchase will be smoother.

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