Centre for Rural Development (CRD)

to enable our development ecosystem, to act on promising models and to scale in partnership with government, private sector & civil society



to enable families to graduate out of ultra-poverty in a time-bound manner
people living in rural india

80% of India's poor live in her rural areas

While India has made huge strides in alleviating poverty and pulling millions above the economic poverty line, 270 million of her citizens continue to live in extreme poverty. Poverty rates in rural areas (25%) are much higher than in urban areas (14%). Female labor force participation has been falling. Nearly, 80% of our farmers are small and marginal landholders and they live under many vulnerabilities. Rural poor also own far fewer assets than the urban poor. Education, health, nutrition and access to basic services is also lower among rural poor especially in India's low income states.

While there are challenges, India also has made huge strides in its rural development agenda. We now have 6 million self-help groups that have put women at the center of development. As we face an unprecedented crisis in 2020, we have to rely on the strength of these institutions, the support of governments and the private sector to rebuild rural India.

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theory of change


we enable India's ecosystem of researchers, practitioners and citizens to chart pathways for impact


we act on emerging and promising models of impact through action research to identify paths to scale


we help scale proven models by bringing together funding, government partnerships, CSOs and enablers


hope fund

Because of the covid-19 crisis, millions of rural India's returned home or are still in urban destinations of employment awaiting productive employment and battling insufficiency of food, health and other basic services. Those who had always been in India's rural areas, especially women, children and elderly, face crises too.

hope fund will bring together India's most credible non-profits and fund them so that they can rebuild the lives of India's extreme poor households by leveraging India's growing government welfare allocations, subsidies, schemes and credit sources for the poor.

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up. - ultra poor program

While India has 270 million living in extreme poverty, about 65 million of them live in ultra poverty. It has been widely agreed that traditional development solutions and market based solutions cannot address ultra poverty and break their poverty trap. Globally, the 'graduation approach' or the 'targeting the ultra poor' program has been widely recognized as a definitive, time-bound and evidence-based method to pull households out of ultra poverty. Its carefully sequenced and multifaceted interventions gradually pull the ultra poor out of their poverty into a virtuous cycle of growth.

We implement the program in 3 districts of Jharkhand with them aim of further scaling it in partnership with the government.


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